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In fact, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the whole world! Yeah, you read that right. Now, this may deter some men from visiting this country. It almost scared me off at first. Then I started to do a little research. In fact, only a third or so of the women in the country even wear a Jilbab the Muslim-head-scarf-thing.

Even the girls that do wear these are not necessarily adherent to their religion. While there are Muslim girls in Jakarta, most of the girls online and out at nightclubs will be quite liberal and have a relatively good grasp on Western ideals and ideas — aka making sexy time!

If you follow what I say and have any experiencing with women i. Jakarta and Bali can be different animals, especially when day game is the concern. In general, Bali is a whole different animal than the rest of Indonesia. You can mimic the game you run in Jakarta in pretty much any other Indonesian city and get solid results. I wrote a full post about the best online dating sites in Indonesia. I also reviewed Indonesian Cupid , as many men have had success using the site. The two best online dating sites in Indonesia are:. We recommend every man visiting the country hoping to seduce Indonesian girls have active accounts on both.

This is particularly the case when visiting Indonesia on shorter trips. We suggest using a VPN at all times if possible. Day game in Indonesia is where things get a little different. And day gaming in other cities can be tedious due to English levels. The absolute best places to meet Indonesian women during the day are malls, especially in Jakarta and other cities not named Bali.

Many girls will be shy when you approach them during the day. However, in Indonesia, this is not the case. Some guys get around this by just giving their number to a girl on a piece of paper. I always just cut the conversation short if she seems shy and ask for their number. Either way can work. Just be a normal guy who finds her attractive and wants to get her phone number.

Be respectful of the culture, but still pursue any girl you desire. The above day game tips in Indonesia work quite well in Jakarta and other cities in the country. In Bali, things can be a little different. Most Balinese girls are used to foreign guys. So I started doing some beach day game in Bali. My best tip here: Most guys over certain ages find the best luck on Indonesian Cupid.

Start browsing girls free by clicking here. Nightlife is certainly where Indonesia shines compared to other Asian countries. This is particularly the case in Jakarta. Now, I have covered nightlife in both Jakarta and Bali in the city guides I wrote. Below I wanted to give you a few tips regarding nightlife in these cities.

Alright, so know you know how to meet women in Indonesia. What about dating Indonesian girls? I got you there, too. My rule of thumb was if I met her during the day or she seemed reserved online, then I would take her for coffee instead of drinks. Then I could gauge whether she drank or not.

One of the best things about liberal Indonesian women in Jakarta and Bali was how much they loved to have fun.

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Jakarta girls were especially wild once you got them in bed. They probably have at least a couple dozen expats numbers in their phones. Now, I have another co-worker from Sulawesi. She is not my girlfriend but we accidentally close due to some reason work related , she is half chinese and half bataknese, and guess what?

Our work-relationship is like a cat and a dog although nowadays cat and dog can be friend , even for a small things she will mad.

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But beside that character, actually bataknese girl is care and loving among sundanese, borneo, and bataknese , but maybe because their ancestors used to live in the mountain so they need to shout each other when they are talk. Finally, background education have a big part of their ability to tolerate other person. They are very polite and good working habits. I am half black, half indonesian my mom is Javanese. I married a Sundanese girl a few years ago. I was interested in her because She was beautiful with natural curly hair like a black woman's , She has an Amazing body she is thicker and curvier than most indonesian girls but not fat , She is straightforward and honest, and she is very intelligent and outgoing.

She's a go-getter, which I loved about her. The down side is, although she tries very hard not to be, she is very materialistic and a money vacuum. She'll use you and anything to her advantage and it can sometimes feel like you're being used. Things didn't work out between us because she was a very lost soul and suffered from depression as well. She is very sympathetic, but ultimately a very shallow person, due to her environment growing up, moving from place to place. She can never hold interest in one thing for a long time.

Always pick up, appreciate, get bored, drop it, and move on to a new obsession. That's basically what happened with us. She lost interest in me, lost sexual attraction partly due to her depression too though , and ultimately we separated.

How to Seduce Indonesian Girls

Haven't gone through with the divorce quite yet. Hi im Javanese Girl but grow up in Bandung Sundanese. Well just want to say: But still, its depends on the person. Although the original nature remains like their culture. Until today, I had never dared writing an article about ethnicity in Indonesia. I didn't want to appear racist and also because my knowledge on the subject is limited.

Be aware that I am basing this whole piece on personal experience only. This is not a scientific paper, it's just entertainment. You may have a completely different opinion and I would love to hear it especially if you are an Indonesian reader. Please just write a comment below. Both have distinct traditions, languages, cultures and cuisines. In Jakarta, most of the girls you meet will be either Javanese or Sundanese. Most expats don't really care about that and they consider it's pretty much all the same. On the contrary, Indonesians like to point at the differences between the people of each provinces.

They will give specific traits to some ethnicities, negative or positive, and based on these stereotypes they might deem that some mixed "race" couples are not desirable. For instance, a persistent myth among Indonesians is that a couple between a Javanese men and a Sundanese women cannot work well.

For better understanding, let's review what are the stereotypes about the three main Indonesian ethnical groups:. Sundanese Model Melli Voo. Sundanese are considered soft and easy-going. It is said that due to their welcoming nature, the penetration of Islam among them was faster and easier compared to the Javanese.

Dating Indonesian Girls

For this reason, they are overall more religious compared to the Javanese. Some will say that they lack ambition and they are not willing to live far from their home. One of the consequences is that there are less of them in top jobs and positions. Among ministers or ex-presidents of Indonesia, very few were Sundanese.

Sundanese girls are often called the most beautiful women in Indonesia, mainly because of their lighter skin color. If you date a Sundanese, you might experience a surge in your monthly expenses. Sundanese girls love to spend on clothes, cellphones, laptops, shoes, beauty products and entertainment. Such gifts are expected as a part of the relationship and it is sometimes hard to know how sincere the love is.

Sundanese girls are sometimes criticized for behaving like divas: High maintenance, spoiled, overly dramatic and proud of their appearance. It seems they are aware of their value and they know how to get the best from it. Regarding the beauty of Sundanese girl: They are indeed pretty but I prefer Manadonese because they look a bit like Filipinas. Girls in Malang are also just as attractive. About their open mindset, Sundanese are hospitable like anywhere in Indonesia.

I didn't notice any differences staying in Bandung or Surabaya. I also don't feel they are less ambitious than other Indonesians. Regarding the materialistic mindset of Sundanese girls: I found it to be generally true, with several exceptions though. You must differentiate educated girls from Bandung's middle and upper class with countryside girls from Indramayu. It's a more traditional match-making website, with a focus on personality more than looks.

Recommended to prepare for a trip. Free to register here. Best Dating Apps and Sites for Indonesia. What Are Indonesian Girls Like? While each girl is different, there are certain personality traits that you will find in most Indonesian girls. This is especially true for those who belong to the middle class and who were educated in Indonesia. That's because they were raised in a similar environment, with modest means, in rather conservative and religious families.

Here are some traits that are characteristic of Indonesian girls:. She won't yell at you if you are 10 minutes late but she expects the same from you, even if she is 2 hours late. Indonesians usually have a positive outlook on life. As long as there is enough food on the table, she will be in a good mood to laugh, joke and tease. She will be genuinely concerned about your well-being. If she is not, change girlfriend as it probably means she hates you. Maybe not with you, but she won't hesitate to help a family member or a friends who needs a handout.

Unfortunately, it might be done using your money. She is most likely to be a believer. The ones who date foreigners may more open-minded, but still they'll ask their boyfriend to convert if there is a difference of religion. While she won't have any problems discussing her periods, she might be shy to express feelings or emotions.

That can become an issue within your couple if she doesn't tell you when she is angry at you for instance.

What are Indonesian Girls Like?

Criticizing your Indonesian girlfriend is a minefield. Always be extra careful with your words. In general, her behavior will tend to match her family and her communities' expectations. Being unique or original is not valued as much as in the West. The average Indonesian girl probably had a much tougher life than the average Western girl. As a result, I believe they have a unique ability to overcome hardships. She will accept and be satisfied with a situation that is not ideal, as long as it fulfills her most important requirements economic security is often the main one.

Some guys wrote me to express doubts about the girlfriend they were dating. Generally-speaking, if you have to ask the question, then you probably already know the answer but you are too blind to admit it. It is worth opening your eyes, though, because there is nothing worse than falling in love with someone who doesn't care about you. What you can do is calculate how much she earns compared with how much she spends. If she is unemployed but possesses the latest iPhone, a car, an apartment and designer clothes, this means there is almost certainly one or several generous sponsors.

If it was a random guy who invited her, she will probably not post any picture of him. If she regularly goes to clubs, find out which ones. Is it often Bats, CJs or Dragonfly? That's a bit suspicious. Ask yourself how she can pay for the entrance fees and the drinks. There are more telltale signs that can help you figure out if she is a hooker, a professional girlfriend, or just a normal girl: You're 48 and balding, she's 23 and hot.

This is much more common than you think. It generally doesn't mean the girl tried to kill herself, but it means that she tried to manipulate someone into thinking she did.