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A befitting welcome awaits you on arrival in Calabar for the Conference.

Carnival Calabar 2015

You will be happy you came! It is planned to be a business and leisure resort where you can engage in quality business, retail and wholesale trades, operate a product warehouse, as well as enjoy quality leisure and entertainments. Its sparkling waters cascades down basement rocks situated at the Oban side of the Cross River National Park. There are steps made to the Kwa Falls, and the waterfall flows into a canopy of the tropical rainforest and mangrove forest that is rich in Mahogany, Ebony, and Spruce trees in a fascinating landscape.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary.

Other Cross River Cities:

The Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to rare chimpanzees, endangered gorillas, and drill monkeys and listed as an Important Bird Area IBA for hosting and watching the largest migration of swallow roosts on the African continent. The mountain was then part of the Afi River Forest Reserve sq km , a production forest reserve for which logging concessions had been issued.

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Slave Museum is Located on the site of a fifteenth-century slave-trading warehouse in Marina Beach. The Drill ranch and rehabilitation center is a wild life sanctuary that hopes to preserve and ensure continuity of the endangered primate species drills.

It serves to rehabilitate drills with members of their species and also provides a safe haven for orphaned chimpanzees. There are two separate sections, Okwangwo established and Oban established The park is known as the Pride of Nigeria and for good reason, it is home to endangered species of animals and plants and has been listed as a biodiversity hotspot.

Kwa Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of the Kwa.

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A deep plunge pool forms at the bottom of the waterfall which is characterised by its well arranged staircase of steps from the top to bottom. It is now a national monument.

The house was imported in sections from England and then assembled on site. She built herself a two bedroom mud house with a veranda, a store and a parlour.

80th Inaugural Lecture

In , a missionary carpenter, Mr Owens, was commissioned to erect a more permanent structure for her. The walls were made of iron sheets while the doors and windows were made of wood. The staircase leading to the first floor had twenty one steps and was supported by two pillars and wooden railings. Today, the property is fully restored and an important tourist site.

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This statue was erected in sacred memory of Mary Slessor of Calabar. Born Aberdeen, Scotland 2 December Died Calabar, Nigeria, 13 January It can be found in Creektown, Calabar. She is best remembered for putting an end to the abhorrent traditional practise of putting twins and their mothers to death. She studied and learned the Efik language of Cross River, so that she could speak it as fluently as the local people. She lived in Calabar for over forty years until she passed away in Her picture currently appears on a Clydesdale Bank Commemorative ten pound bank note.

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A visit to Tinapa dazzles with its breath-taking architectural design. This is the ideal place to buy duty-free goods and supplies. Many small traders use this as their supply point.

With a luxury hotel, cinema, water themed park and state of the art movie studio, Tinapa Resort is a Tourist's dream. Widely regarded as one of the oldest churches in Nigeria, the Duke Town Church was established by the Presbyterian missionaries upon arrival to Calabar in the early 19 th century. It was built under the auspices of Rev. The colonial architecture of the building is indeed a sight to behold.

Located in the Calabar Marina Resort. Situated in beautiful landscaped gardens, these colonial inspired theme bars offer panoramic views of the river.