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They also added a lot of bonuses maybe too much on top of it. Use a timer, set a date, set a limit on how many books left. Mention this from the beginning and remind them of this. Also, offer a way for them to solve this easily.. I have to read it.

Top 10 converting dating landing page designs on Behance

They could better put the text in a title and use a real visual or even better an icon that enhances the title. Try to take the reader by the hand and guide them how they should read the website arrows help. At the moment it looks like a certificate. This could be placed somewhere above the fold in a better design. You should be able to scan it and know why you giving the book away for free. Is this going to help my creativity, my productivity or my marketing? The Thank-You page is wasted real estate for a lot of companies. The minimal design will ensure that the people who do sign up will be relevant to the subject of the emails.

As soon as you load it, you have a clear headline, which leads into a clear description, and a call to action. It reads more like a CV or an investor deck than a landing page for prospects. The smallest sections describe the program itself, while the longest sections by far almost exclusively talk about the founders and the company. What exactly would I be getting here?

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Is it an infographic? Better, more detailed, headline calling out the exact target market and specific benefit. Readers what to know HOW you help, then who you are. One page, one offer. You have little or no distraction. That is something this landing page has managed to achieved. I would split test having a footer and completely removing it to see if that would bump up your conversion. No one wants another set of tools and tips to help them get to their end goal.

Apart from that, there is room for improvement. For example, what results could this guide produce? Or, What are the benefits of using this guide? A rough example could be something like:.

Create Free Landing Page 2017

Nice clear likeable image of Noah and a harmonious colour scheme makes the website clear with main elements easy to pick up on. However, the layout is not making use of the real estate above the fold as it should be.

7 High-Converting Landing Page Examples for Your Personal Swipe File

And as far as the design goes, it lacks just a little bit of color to break pattern. The menu nav is already black, and then all text below is black, with only a tiny light blue button as the only different color. The biggest room for improvement are the call-to-actions, including the button and opt-in bars. It needs to stand out and make me desperately want to put my details in. Both the H1 and the H2 are bolded which is a bit distracting. When viewing the landing page on iPhone the main header text comes up perfectly right under the top gif, which looks really clean.

Overall the content does a great job showcasing why we would want these ebook templates.

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  7. I also think it would be worth testing not having sharing buttons on the landing page, as that could also distract visitors. You need to test all these, how many people click these, how many social shares do you get from the share widget, how valuable is the evidence that many people have shared the page — is it worth the distraction.

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    If not, what purpose do they serve? Test every device, are key messages clear and visible. Reduce distractions that take people away from your primary goal and ensure evidence of quality resonates the the audience, test some other proof here. The immediate benefit of fast weight lost is very evident. The brand and recipes mentioned are immediately backed by extensive social proof showing that Nagina has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Huffington post and Time. The landing page finishes with a very good summary of the Nagina and more testimonials.

    An industry often associated with scams or amateurs getting the right message across has never been more crucial.

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    With some more optional tweaks it could be optimised even further, yielding higher conversion rates. For starters, should you use multi-step or single-step forms? Though seemingly insignificant at first glance, they do an excellent job of attracting attention to what are often boring and underutilized parts of a landing page. Needless to say, specific, well-crafted testimonials such as these are one of your best bets for converting shaky leads.

    And though sometimes appropriate , this information overload can be extremely distracting to site visitors, ultimately making your products or services seem more complex than they really are. Digital audiences want you to get to the point quickly , especially when selling something.

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    TryTow does this by providing everything a potential customer would need to know in short, concise textual chunks. Literally, a prospect can read through this entire landing page in two minutes. By making the process easy to understand , potential customers can make their decision that much quicker. High-quality photos can showcase your product or service in a positive light, while poorly-designed images could prove to be an instant turnoff for future buyers.

    As such, the last thing they want to do when visiting your page is wade through even more advertorial filth.

    The key to quickly making this happen? What practices have helped you get great results when creating your own landing pages? Dating landing page design templates for new member sign up: Clean dating lead capture landing page design: Find your mate here join now lead capture squeeze page design: Dont stay alone attractive dating lead capture landing page design: The special someone is out there looking for you very appealing and attractive landing page design: Find your perfect match with us clean and appealing call to action dating landing page design template: Find your match today join now for free attractive landing page design: Converting lead capture dating landing page: