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After a bumpy start with the gang when they thought she was Superhoodie and getting her bed used as a toilet by Nathan, she became part of the Misfits. Sadly, she did not last long on the show after she got shot, however Ruth, 35, went on to star with Misfits co-star Robert on stage in Playboy of the Western World. D and Agnes Evans in Secret State.

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  7. The Misfits.

This weekend she is up for an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance as Mildred in inter-racial love story Loving. Rudy joined the show in season four after the departure of Nathan and brought a different and cruder brand of humour. He remained a part of Misfits until the show came to an end and has garnered a number of credits, starring in films Pride, The Infiltrator and The Last Witch Hunter. Sour and angsty Jess was brought on board in season four to replace Simon and Alisha and had the power of X-ray vision.

The no-nonsense Abbey always said what she thought and starred in the final two seasons of Misfits. Actress Natasha, 30, previously starred in Lip Service but Misfits propelled her to further success. His character joined Misfits for the final two seasons and was forever pining after Jess and had powers of telekinesis. The Ed Shales story playing the lead. Something of an outsider, barman Alex had an eventful time on the show in the last two seasons which saw him retrieve his genitals after they were stolen from him by another person with the power to switch body parts.

Robert Sheehan - Nathan Young The joker of the group was the life and soul of the party at the community centre. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett - Curtis Donvan Curtis was the young athlete, who messed up after he was caught carrying a bag of drugs and found himself doing community service to serve as an example to others. Antonia Thomas - Alisha Daniels The beautiful girl who could get any man she wanted, Alisha found herself re-assessing her life choices after she gained the power to make anyone have sex with her just by touching them.

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Since departing, Lauren has had parts in shows such as Catastrophe and Roman-set comedy Plebs. She was bullied because she had a different lifestyle and values to her peers, so she gains the ability to bring them round to her point of view. Just watch that smug expression change when someone demonstrates immunity. Unlike Tony who was just consumed by his own rage and Sally who was acting out of desperation , Rachel is the first true supervillain the Misfits encounter.

She has less vices than the main characters, and a whole lot less morals. Starts breaking down when Nathan pulls a gun on her. This is upgraded to a petulant temper-tantrum a little while later, when she realises that it was only a water pistol. Rachel appears to be this at first, what with wanting to reform Britain's teenagers to a higher moral standard.

It's subverted however when her breakdown reveals that she's at least partly motivated by revenge for being teased about her beliefs. Shapeshifting An old friend from Simon's time in a psychiatric unit, who happens to end up bumping into him once again when she's brought to the community centre for art therapy.

She's mentally unbalanced, so it can be argued she's not entirely responsible for her actions- plus, all she wants is to be back with the person she's closest to. Lucy also honestly believes that she's helping Simon by saving him from his mean and murderous friends. Black Eyes of Evil: Again, the transformation proces.

This show contains examples of the following tropes:

Screaming, black eyes and ripping at her face: Broken Bird Bullying a Dragon: Nathan starts flinging insults at her during one of her art therapy sessions. Even taking into account that he didn't actually know that she had superpowers, it's still pretty stupid, especially considering that he knows that she's a mental patient He ends up getting impaled on a pipe for his troubles.

As pale as Simon and much more eerie. Framing the Guilty Party: Once she discovers that Simon killed the Misfits' second probation worker , Lucy transforms into him and goes straight to the police to present a false confession- all in an attempt to get the real Simon sent back to the unit, of course. Part of her transformation involves her apparently ripping and tearing her face off while emitting bloodcurling scream of pain. Her slightly warped mind leads to her warping her physical appearance.

Lucy also manages to transform into a mouse during her rampage, though where the rest of her mass went is anyone's guess.

In one of her attempts to divide the Misfits, she transforms into Alisha and gives Simon a blowjob. Talking the Monster to Death: Simon eventually manages to talk Lucy out of her rampage and convince her that he's moved on from his life in the psychiatric unit; her part in the episode ends with Simon walking her back home.

Nathan Young

Stalker with a Crush: A kick off of things to come really This Was His True Form: Discussed when Simon notes that Lucy will probably transform back into her true form when killed. Unfortunately, he only mentions this after they've beaten Shaun to death under the belief that he was Lucy in disguise. Supernatural Tattooing A professional tattoo artist with his own studio, Vince ends up joining the ranks of people that Nathan probably shouldn't have annoyed, forcing the Misfits into an eventual confrontation As well as appearing on people's body without the usual inking process, a few of the power-induced tattoos are also seen to move.

Those animated tattoos are put to good use in the confrontation, with Vince conjuring up tattoos of knives and barbed wire to attack the Misfits. True, he didn't know Vince had superpowers, but the man was still a good deal bigger and tougher than him. Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Going from turning Nathan gay which was immature, but basically harmless , to forcing Kelly to fall in love with him essentially date rape , assaulting Nathan and Simon, nearly killing Curtis, and finally threatening to stab Kelly in the eye with one of his needles.

At least two of the tattoos he created in his episode could be used to control the wearer's mind; in one case, it made Nathan fall in love with Simon. However his knives and barbed wire tattoos actually cut and strangle the bearer. According to Vince, all of his tattoos reflect a certain time in his life.

Can Misfits survive without Nathan? | Television & radio | xysugosypa.tk

Tattooed Crook Weaksauce Weakness: Vince has a peanut allergy. Simon uses this to force him to remove the tattoos from Nathan and Kelly. Despite getting arrested at the end of his episode, he reappears in series 5 at the Storm support group. Despite spending the whole of Season 5 struggling against his hallucinations, he finally relapses and has to be killed. The guy is massively dissociated, he can't even recognise reality. Creepy Monotone Lean and Mean Leitmotif: The thundering techno-theme played whenever anything is seen from his perspective. In the Back Murder Simulators: His "power" is a satirical exaggeration of this trope.

Uses it throughout the episode- never runs at all, in fact. His hallucinations run a bit like this, given that he goes from taking revenge on his boss and fiance to rooting out an undercover cop in his boss's organisation to breaking someone out of prison- all with very little transition. After spending the entire episode acting almost without repercussions, he tries to break a game character out of jail and promptly gets arrested. He hit and runs an old lady, which is horrific, then from his perspective you realise he just got bonus points.

Subverted- Olly tries this. Dave Adrian Rawlins Power: Murderous over-protection of his daughter Although Dave was always over-protective of his daughter Jessica, the storm amplifies this to the degree that when any man displays interest in her, Dave becomes overwhelmed with rage and tries to kill them. When angry, his eyes turn red and his cheek kind of ripples. Sounds lame, but it's actually quite creepy. You kissed his daughter?

Sorry Simon, but you're gonna die. Upon their first meeting, Simon attempts to shake hands with him ; Dave is so angry that Jessica has to remind him to return the handshake. Nathan watched Jessica get changed, so Dave gives Nathan his most brutal death yet. If you kiss Jessica or even walk in on her changing, then you're going to get brutally murdered.

Red Eyes, Take Warning: It's a sign that the rage has taken over, and some poor young lad's going to be snuffed out. Lactokinesis A former teaboy with the power to manipulate dairy products with the power of his mind, Brian is the first of the storm-affected to go public. He's been ignored all his life, he's going to make sure that changes.

Before he went psycho. Goddamnit, Nathan, it's a small dragon, but seriously Brian drowns and chokes people with dairy products. From Nobody to Nightmare: He used to just be a teaboy in a cafe. Then he became a super-powered serial-killer, with a higher kill count of superhumans than any other character. Kubrick Stare Logical Weakness: The lactose-intolerant are immune to his powers. Unfortunately, Brian can get around this by using a knife.

Dorky, uncharismatic, and possessed of a singularly ridiculous power. Psychotic Smirk Sanity Slippage: You can practically hear him grinding his teeth as he gets more and more frustrated; the point where his girlfriend dumped him was arguably the moment when he finally cracked. Once he becomes famous, Brian gets into the habit of wearing suits; this continues throughout his killing spree. The reception he got once the novelty wore off. Heart Is an Awesome Power: Awesome is a bit of a stretch, but lactokinesis has got a deadly use.

His lactokinesis allows him to manipulate dairy products that people have already eaten, resulting in at least three people suffocating to death. More frighteningly, he apparently drowned Kelly via a stream of milk, and reduced Nathan to a vegetable by coating his brain with cheese. Telekinesis , Teleportation , Water-Walking , Extreme Lust on Skin Contact Appearing in the Christmas special, this villain is actually one of the few who aren't a direct product of the storm; initially a priest until, frustrated by the lack of believers and the restrictions of priesthood, he gave up the cloth and paid a visit to the Powers-For-Cash dealer.

All Your Powers Combined: He bought Nikki and Alisha 's powers. We don't know who possessed telekinesis and walking on water first, though. Bad Powers, Bad People: The lust-inducing power can't really be used for much apart from rape. When he is killed by a flying locker , a Christmas wreath falls on his head as a crown of thorns.

Misfits - Funniest Moments Of Series 1

For my money they should never have killed off George O'Malley, but that's another question. ITV's 60s cop show Heartbeat managed to survive the departure of Nick Berry in , with identikit nice guy hunky copper Jason Durr helping the format survive for a further decade. Meanwhile Doctor Who doesn't do badly by changing it's lead every few years, while soaps, of course, have to cope with the regular departure of top characters and performers. And sometimes, as in the case of South Park's Kenny, you can kill them off again and again and again.

Misfits: From Game of Thrones to Oscar nominations - what are the cast doing now?

In fact sometimes a TV programme shows off by killing off a star character just to show that it can. The producers of ABC's Lost sacrificed a much loved character a Charlie, say, or a Mr Eko each series; in House, the writers got rid of Hugh Laurie's entire team of young diagnosticians, with series four a kind of extended audition for his new sidekicks.

And it worked rather well. In the case of Nathan and Misfits, word from the set is that they have known for many months that he was going and they weren't surprised or put out. He'll be missed but they're confident the show can survive, especially as series three will build on the story of the non-nerdy, very cool Simon from the future.

Misfits is a gang show, and relies on the strength of its ensemble playing. So while Sheehan may be well fit, the programme — which has won every major award going — is perhaps fitter.