How has online dating changed communication

How Technology Has Changed Dating

One study at the University of Missouri found that Facebook-induced jealously increased the number of couples cheating, breaking up and even divorcing. The anonymity and endless scope of the internet enables addicts to search for other singles and find explicit content. Addicts can also become obsessed with watching what their partners or love interests are doing on social media, cyberstalking them to an unhealthy degree.

It can be a source of group therapy and community when used correctly. Sex and love addicts can join Facebook or Reddit groups, for example, to talk about their struggles and to meet people with similar experiences. Social media has the power to feed addiction, but it can also help some people recover.

Let’s explore how technology has changed dating

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Pin It on Pinterest. Even if you are not seeking out a relationship, connecting with people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social site can often lead to a romantic relationship.

Personally, I connect with many people on Twitter and a few of them have been romantic interests. I met a young man in person after talking to him via Twitter and eventually text message for multiple years.

Social Media Has Changed The Dating Game In These 5 Ways

Though it leads to a sweet story sometimes, it is definitely a backwards approach in getting to know a person. When using an app like Tinder or signing up for a dating website, we are literally taught to swipe left or right depending on how attractive a person is. Of course this is not an entirely new process. Not everything is negative. Technology has introduced so many different ways of telling each other how we feel.

Showing your love publicly—on a social networking site for instance—is the new romance. We all know so much about each other, and that includes our love lives. I am always so happy for my friends who recently got married, or are having a new baby, or just met someone new. There is something special about sharing your love for your partner with the internet world. It is nice to feel close when you are not close. Though it is nice to get to know people with a variety of interests different from our own, it is equally nice to get to know someone who has the same passion. There are so many different groups of people to get involved with now that technology is in our lives.

There are specific dating apps—focusing on race, gender, et cetera—and there are also meet-up groups in our communities based on what we like to do for fun. With the technology these days, it is easy to find someone with the right gender, race, religious affiliation, or anything else.

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Rejection feels different than in person and connecting with people comes quicker and more frequently. Also, sending a text message is always easier than calling someone on the phone, at least nerves-wise.

How Technology is Changing Dating