Cute ways to say yes to dating

Being asked on a date by someone you like is always thrilling, and there are few better ways of making the most of it than coming up with a creative way to accept. From the romantic to the clever, there are many unique and fun way to say yes. Use a Polaroid camera and take a photo of yourself holding up a sign that says "Yes. You can include friends or choose a place connected with you and your date.

How to Say Yes to a Date in a Cute Way - EnkiRelations

The photo can be decorated, especially along the white border. Once it is taken you can put it into an envelope and slip it into their locker, or have a mutual friend give it to them at an unexpected moment. When they turn off the light they will suddenly see the message. This has the advantage of an unexpected and magical effect.


You need only to be careful that they will actually see the message, so only try this if you know them well enough to know it will work. Poetry has a long tradition of romantic use for a good reason. A beautiful poem is a memorable, striking way to combine your reply with a sense of your regard for the person who has asked you.

10 Cute Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming ♡

A simple rhyme or a sonnet are tried and true forms, and examples for inspiration abound, such as poetry by Pablo Neruda, William Shakespeare and E. Leave an origami crane, flower, box or any other creative design on their desk or on their books when they are out of the room.

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This should include a message for them written along the side. I mean, are those really his thoughts? Whenever I use it, I do it because I really trust the other person or I try to build a more intimate connection. When it does not show a fine sense of irony too, of course.

14 Ways To Say Yes

The nice thing with orders is that you expect them to be followed, most of the time. If you know what I mean. You know I do, why are you still asking? If you hear this, your next question may not be necessary at all. Unreserved immersion and acceptance.

Maybe because I am that kind of guy: When do you say it? To whom do you say it? Then try out one of the most popular audio posts on my blog too.

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Just make your choice below:. I find myself constantly saying that. That being said, I probably also need to learn to say no sometimes as I take on too many things which I have to push aside for later. I like the neutral-on-the-positive approach. But the the one I use most often is: What are we waiting for. I like it when I get to be in charge. How to Be Rich and Happy. The second is with a foundation called Innovative Communities. And yes these are shameless plugs but Hell Yes!

Cute Ways to Say Yes to a Date

As you stated though, not sure why…it just sort of comes out. Perhaps becasue I am open minded to just about anything so I rarely feel a reason to hesitate on much of what I do or come across in life.

How to Say Yes to a Date in a Cute Way

The catch is, that in order to convey just how emphatic my Yes is, the two words are almost one, sounding more like: And I bet the real, linked sound of the two words is even more powerful. Ok Dragos, You do come up with the most awesome posts! I think a lot of it is culture dependent, though. Me and my desk-mates in school three awesome dudes have a kind of crew, consisting of us four and our aluminum foil ball call Rezsi Retinho: Of course is one I use a lot as well. I like these three because they each add a slightly different feeling to my yes.

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Absolutely is strongly affirmative. And My pleasure tells the other person that I appreciate them. I especially like the last one: This was an encouraging post. I love this list, my fave is 12 Undoubtedly.